Comparing The Best Business Energy Suppliers & Prices

Make a comparative study on suppliers in your area before you switch to a new one. Don’t forget to check the other plans offered by your current supplier too. For all you know, your existing plan happens to be the most affordable package in the market so there’s no need to switch.

Comparison of Electricity Prices Only

According to Ofgem, 4 million households use electricity instead of gas for heating. If you’re non-gas reliant, you may opt to get an electricity-only tariff plan. When you search for prices and offers, just key in electricity-only plans.

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Comparison of Gas Prices Only

The majority of households rely on dual energy sources, but some suppliers offer gas-only tariff plans. Just search for gas-only suppliers in your area, so you can compare prices.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Energy Comparison

What is the information required by the new supplier to initiate the switch?

  • Your postcode and address as stated in your current bill
  • Average energy consumption
  • Name of supplier
  • Type of energy supply – gas, electricity, or dual
  • Tariff plan

Why compare prices before making a switch?

The only way to find out your best option is to study various deals in the market. Do not choose in haste because you may miss out on the most affordable plan.

Is it possible to compare gas prices and electricity prices separately?

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Yes, you can compare prices according to your needs. If you do not want to subscribe to a dual fuel tariff plan, you can check prices offered by different suppliers based on the type of energy you prefer.

What happens after the new supplier takes over my account?

Our company will facilitate the switch on your behalf. Once everything is in place, the new supplier will contact your current supplier to set a switching date. A welcome package and letter (stating your new agreement and energy plan) will be sent to you by the new supplier. Do not worry about service interruption as your gas and electricity supply will continue before the switching takes effect.

How long does the switching process take?

It takes 17 days to deactivate the old account and activate the new one. Please note that we give customers a 14-day grace period (starts after confirmation of switch), where they have the option to cancel the switch request.

What causes my energy bill to rise?

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Your energy bill (gas and electricity) depends on your consumption, but there are other reasons for your bill to jump:

The full term of your fixed plan has been reached. This plan aims to protect customers from price surges. However, if your plan ends your account will automatically switch to a plan (standard variable tariff or default tariff) with higher rates.

Your supplier has increased gas and electricity prices. If you subscribed to a standard variable or default tariff plan, you won’t be immune to price increases that may take effect. In 2019, the majority of energy suppliers increased their rates in response to Ofgem’s energy price cap policy.

Your bill may have been computed according to estimated meter readings. Make sure that your bill is based on the actual numbers on your electric meter. We suggest that you get a smart meter so you can get real-time readings. You will be able to monitor your consumption better with this type of meter.

Can I change my bills payment mode if I have a prepayment meter?

Yes, you have the option to settle your bill in advance using a key, smart card, or token. You can also request for a meter replacement (from prepayment to credit meter).

Can I change energy plans even if I’m a tenant?

Yes, provided you are the one paying the bills and not your landlord. If the energy plan is under your name, you have the discretion to switch suppliers or plans anytime.

What should I get? A fixed-rate contract or variable tariff contract?

A fixed-rate contract has a locked-in period of 12 or 24 months. This plan applies a fixed rate during the duration of the contract. Variable tariff plans are subject to price changes depending on the wholesale energy prices.

Both contracts differ from a standard variable tariff plan which happens to be the most expensive package. If you’re on a fixed rate contract, your account will be automatically switched to a standard variable plan after your contract term ends.

Can I change my current plan with my current energy supplier?

Yes. If you want to save on cost, consider changing your tariff plan. Get in touch with your supplier’s customer service to find out the best options for you.