Loan For Gym Business

If you’re in the health and fitness club business, you must be in great shape! Can you say the same thing about your business? As you will know, staying healthy and fit is very important. However, it is a challenge to remain in tip-top shape 365 days a year. Business is the same way. You want your clients – not the business months – to get lean. You want those cash registers ringing up sign-ups for programs and memberships. Just like exercise, if the workout program isn’t producing the desired results, it’s time to switch things up.

Use the lean months to find ways to improve your health and fitness club. Conduct repairs on old equipment or buy new ones. Add more dumbbells and barbells. Invest in advanced training for your staff. Change up your interiors. These improvements can add muscle to your business but they also cost money. If the thought of using savings to fund your projects keeps you from pushing through with your plans, give Thinking Capital a call.

We’ll talk to you about our Fixed and Flexible Loan programs. Unlike banks, we want to make sure you stay financially healthy. And applying for a loan is easy. No tedious documentation. Just fill out an application form online. After a few minutes, we’ll let you know how much you can borrow. If everything has been cleared and verified, you can expect to receive your money within 24 hours.

fitness equipment in the gym

Tips For Seasonality


The kids are back to school. Design specialized training programs for various sports such as football, track, basketball, and baseball, and offer these sessions to the school’s athletic department.


Winter is a good time for the health and fitness business. Offer limited – time – only programs like hot yoga, boot camp training, functional fitness, and dance classes.

spinning fitness equipment


This is the best time to offer fitness apparel that carries your brand name. Make sure you come up with cool designs that entice people to wear them everywhere.


For the hot months, set up a healthy juice bar inside your gym. Come up with outdoor workout programs and offer special discounts for early bird sign-ups.